07 California Vintage 1 07 California Vintage 2Only 8,000 miles – on a Guzzi, it might as well be brand new.

The California Vintage is shot through with styling cues cribbed from the past, such as the spoked wheels, chromed steel fenders and classic black paint with white pinstripes. Touring accoutrements include the chrome-rimmed saddlebags, luggage rack and medium-height windshield framed by auxiliary fog lights.

The Vintage got some mechanical upgrades as well, not least the 1064cc V-twin swiped from the Breva 1100. Newer bits include a less shaky crankcase, lighter pistons, an upgraded hydraulic valve train and fuel injection.

The Vintage is a well-intentioned blend of retro looks and modern function. Going to California, it turns out, doesn’t require an aching heart after all.

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